RZR and Horses on Beach

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Activity Length
alarm 2 hours and 30 minutes
What is this about?

We will start on riding a cute docile horse which will take to the beautiful beach on the pacific side on a dirt road.

Our RZR and horse combo gives you the opportunity to enjoy an hour of exiting time of emotion in the desert and rocky mountain trails to observe a wide variety of animals and flora in the desert. until you reach the beautiful beaches of Migriño, you will experience driving the RZR  on the dunes of the Sandy beach we will return to our location and ride our beautiful horses and we will go to ride on the beach for another hour ride and different journey to the ocean at all times will have the opportunity to take pictures and enjoy the spectacular views that remain in your memory forever.

The Tour starts the minute our own transportation picks you up from your Hotel. We start  the 25 minute journey on a federal highway. When you arrive to our Location Rancho Amigos,  Our bilingual staff will welcome you and the guide in charge Will give you all the necessary trainning information to have the safest experience ever. Specially for all those first timers.


What is included?
  • Round trip transportation (Hotel or Ship)
  • Helmet
  • Bandana and goggles
  • Bottled water
  • RZR
  • Bilingual Guide
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    Rzr (4 Persons) (18 - 99 years)
    $450 USD
    Rzr (3 Persons) (18 - 99 years)
    $400 USD
    Rzr (2 Persons) (18 - 99 years)
    $350 USD
    Rzr (1 Person) (18 - 99 years)
    $290 USD
    Meeting Points
    • location_searchingAt your hotel
    • This tour runs 3 times a day which makes it a great option for cruise passengers as it fits most itineraries.
    • The location is 30 minutes from Cabo San Lucas. There are bathrooms with full service a palapa and first aid equipment.
    • If you are staying at a condo, please call to verify pick up options.
    • $ 20.00USD park entrance not included
    • Note: Insurance is NOT included in the price of the tour, but can be purchased directly at the park. Insurance payment of $50 USD should be made at the park check-in desk or leave a open credit card voucher.
    • Minimum age is 5 to participate.
    • Kids under 18 may drive on their own. A driver's test will be required prior to the tour and will be under parent's responsability.
    • Recommended children under 16 to ride with an adult.
    • Pregnant women and people with severe back and/neck problems cannot participate on the tour.
    • Driver's license is not required
    • Sunblock
    • Camera
    • Tennis Shoes
    • Long pants